SUP against SUP Expedition (Stand Up Paddle Boarding Against Single Use Plastics)

A 2 month Circumnavigation of Wales

During winter and spring of 2018 Ian was commissioned to photograph Sian Sykes and her 2 month expedition to circumnavigate Wales by paddle board. During this lengthy journey she raised awareness of the environmental impact of single-use plastics, along with the alarming pollution of our urban, rural, and coastal waterways. Not only did she paddle for 60 days, she cleared the river systems as she went – sadly a near-overwhelming task. For Sian to connect authentically to the underpinning ethos, the entire expedition is single-use plastic free, from her toiletries to her food.

Ian's images and account of phase one and of the expedition (canals) and phase two (the coast) was featured on Sidetracked Magazine's Field Journal. The canal article can be read here: Sup against Sup Canal and the Welsh Coast article can be found here: SUP Welsh Coast