Former Royal Marine Commando Ian Finch, is an expedition photographer, wilderness guide and adventure journalist whose been passionately travelling to remote environments for over 4 years. Ian's deep desire to capture or lead expeditions in unfamiliar corners of the globe is driven by an urge to understand the beauty and depth of traditions from the indigenous cultures that call it home. Every expedition or creative journey is linked with this cultural thread and is part of his "Traditions First" lifetime project.  

His expeditions, photography and writing have featured in Sidetracked Magazine, The Telegraph, The Standard, Men’s Health, The Great Outdoors Magazine and for The Adventure Travel Show, London. Ian also featured on ITV and Good Morning Britain as an outdoor consultant. His latest expedition, a 2000-mile canoe descent of the Yukon River, was included in the top 10 adventures of 2016 by the Guardian. Ian has also led and participated in cultural expeditions to Alaska, Greenland, Tibet, Canada, Iceland, Nepal, China and Northern Norway. His raw passion for life is driven by creative discovery - In adventure, the mechanics of nature and the human journey.

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He combines his love for photography, writing and filmmaking with wild landscapes and the great outdoors. When not overseas, Ian lives in London, UK.